D.I.Y. Cocktail Ring in 4 Easy Steps

how to make a cocktail ring diy

I love wear statement accessories to complement a simple outfit.  It's a great way yo change your look without breaking the bank.  Here I show you an easy and inexpensive way to create you own cocktail ring in only  4 easy steps.    


Rhinestones in different shapes and sizes

Plain rings (or buy an inexpensive ones and remove the decorations)


Glue (I use E6000)



1.    Put the rhinestones over the felt creating your design.  Glue them.  

2.    Cut the exposed felt carefully.  The felt is used as a base to keep the design together.  (fig. 2)

how to make a cocktail ring diy

3.    Turn over the stones and glue the design in the felt part to the ring.(fig. 3)

3.    Voltea las piedras y pega la sortija a éstas por el lado de fieltro (fig. 3)

4.    Wait until it dries and show it off!

model: indira from optima models

model: indira from optima models