DIY Peg Board Sewing Room Organizer

diy sewing room peg board organizer

Knowing where your sewing supplies are is a difficult task; but it is not impossible.  When you want to make the most of your sewing area, a peg board is an excellent option.  I selected a pastel color palette (Sirena Patterns palette), but you can use other hues. A 4' x 8' peg board can be purchased for less then $20.  It comes unfinished, but the key to transform it is the paint colors you choose.  It is a one day project, and is definitely worth the time.  Give it a try and comment below with your suggestions.


·       Peg board

·      Basket organizers (they come in a variety of sizes)

·       Peg hooks

·      Spray paint or acrylic paint

·       Brushes (if you're using acrylic paint)

·       Washers

·       Screws and spacers

·       Drill


1.     Measure your available space.  Most hardware stores will cut the panel for you.  I cut mine 4’ x 5’ but it will depend on the available space.  Don't forget to consider the highest parts of the board. You can store items that you don't use regularly in that area.

2.     Paint the peg board and organizers.  I painted my panel in a tiffany blue and the baskets pink, gold and yellow.  The gold paint gives an eclectic touch.  You don't need everything to be "matchy-matchy" but rather to look in harmony.  For the small items, i recommend using a box covered with newspapers to protect the surroundings.  (Fig. 1) Let them dry for at least 3 hours.

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

3.     Mark and drill in at least 6 areas around the peg board.  Use the washers to separate the peg board from the wall.  It should be at least ¾” away from the wall.  (Fig. 2) 

diy sewing room organizer peg board

4.     Finally, have fun organizing with stuff.  The best part is that you can rearrange the hooks without ruining the board.

A peg board can also be use to organize your closet and display you jewelry and other accessories!

diy sewing room organizer peg board

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